PawPail - PawPail Pet Waste Station
PawPail - PawPail Pet Waste Station
PawPail - PawPail Pet Waste Station
PawPail - PawPail Pet Waste Station
PawPail - PawPail Pet Waste Station
PawPail - PawPail Pet Waste Station

PawPail Pet Waste Station

  • A commercial quality pet waste station for your home: manufactured with UV and weather resistant materials in a sleek, modern design.
  • PawPail is a dog waste container that discreetly stores and dispenses our thick, strong, leakproof PawBag dog poop bags.
  • Patented DualVent technology controls odors and eliminates the need for liner garbage bags - reducing plastic waste.
  • The Activated Carbon Air Filter inside the dog poop container traps and removes harmful odors and chemicals from the air.
  • The PawPail Mounting System (sold separately) allows for flexible placement of your dog waste station.

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PawPail is the Ultimate Pet Waste Management Solution

PawPail® is the world's first environmentally conscious, commercial quality dog poop trash can for your home or pet-friendly business. This special package includes:

  • 1 durable PawPail dog waste container
  • 200 of our thick, high quality PawBag pet waste bags, and
  • 1 Activated Carbon Air Filter

PawPail is a convenient pet waste disposal system that is designed to be used outside, and is made from outdoor friendly, weather resistant materials. Our pet waste bags feature an easy-to-open design, and unlike the tiny 15-bag rolls of portable bag dispensers, they last for weeks and are convenient to refill inside the lid of your PawPail.

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A Beautiful Design that is Built to Last

  • Manufactured with UV and weather-resistant materials to last for years
  • Attractive, minimalist design complements the architectural features of your home or business
  • Place it virtually anywhere - it can rest on the ground or be mounted to almost any surface

Stores 200 Dog Poop Bags

  • Discreetly stores and dispenses our high quality, leakproof, controlled-life PawBag dog poop bags
  • Simple to install and replace with our patent-pending PawBag interface

Controls Odors 2 Different Ways

  • An Activated Carbon Air Filter traps harmful odors and chemicals inside the container
  • DualVent technology facilitates airflow through the pail to minimize odors and eliminates the need for liner bags

A Greener Option

PawPail is a green product that minimizes its environmental impact in 3 ways:

  • Our PawBags contain environmental additives to break them down faster than ordinary plastic bags in the presence of oxygen
  • An activated carbon air filter absorbs harmful odors and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from the dirty air inside the pail
  • Our DualVent technology eliminates the need for a liner garbage bag, so it reduces the amount of plastic ending up in landfills. You can still use a liner garbage bag with PawPail if you want, but it is not required.
  • Pet waste can carry harmful bacteria and is considered a nonpoint source (NPS) pollutant by the US Environmental Protection Agency! Encourage pet waste cleanup and minimize exposure for your family, friends and neighbors by having a PawPail to manage pet waste.

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