• The Most Effective
    Pet Waste Solution
    Say goodbye to pet waste odor thanks to
    PawPail’s patented odor control design
  • The Most Effective
    Pet Waste Solution
    The integrated bag dispenser makes PawPail
    a one-stop pet waste management system
    for the whole family.
  • The Most Effective
    Pet Waste Solution
    DualVent™ technology with an activated carbon
    air filter means no smell now and no trapped
    odors when it’s time to empty PawPail

PawPail is the Ultimate Pet Waste Management Solution


The Most Discreet & Convenient
Way to Store Pet Waste


A Beautiful Design That
is Built to Last

  • Manufactured with UV and weather resistant materials to last for years
  • Attractive, minimalist design complements the architectural features of your home or business
  • Place it virtually anywhere - it can rest on the ground or be mounted to almost any surface

Contains Everything You Need

  • 1 durable PawPail dog waste container
  • 200 of our thick, high quality PawBag pet waste bags
  • 1 activated carbon air filter

Controls Odors In Two
Different Ways

  • Patented design controls odors
  • An activated carbon air filter traps harmful odors and chemicals
  • DualVent technology facilitates airflow through the pail to minimize odors and eliminates the need for liner bags

Patented Odor Control Design


Lets Air In But
Keeps Pests Out

  • Our paw print vent holes are a cute and functional way to allow air to flow through the container

    The mesh backing material prevents pests (and pets) from getting into your PawPail

Basket & Filter,
Working Together

  • PawPail’s lower vent holes send air through the waste-bag-filled perforated basket and cleans it through the PawPail activated carbon filter, eliminating odors while emptying the basket

DualVent™ Technology

  • When placed in a well-ventilated space, PawPail’s DualVent technology encourages air circulation through the container while trapping odors in the activated carbon filter

Award Winning Design

Stores large rolls of 200
environmentally responsible bags
Patented DualVent technology
controls odors and reduces plastic use
Durable construction that is
built to last
Paw print vent holes help
control odors
Award winning design looks attractive
at your property

Customer Testimonials

The Perfect Solution For A Pet Waste Disposal Station

The American Veterinary Medical Association estimates that approximately thirty-eight percent of households in the USA have at least one dog. This means there are over forty-eight million homes with a dog, and many of those families have more than one four-legged family member.

Owning a dog is a genuinely life-changing experience. However, as any dog owner knows, there is always the need to clean up after your pet. This is true when you are out walking as well as when your dog is at home.

At PawPail, we recognize the challenge of cleaning up after your pet and have developed practical, sanitary, and effective dog waste solutions. Traditional types of plastic bags are messy and hard to manage. They also do not prevent odor from escaping, leaving the area around a home garbage can unpleasant, particularly in the summer months.

The Ultimate Dog Poop Station

We have created the ideal solution to this problem for residential homes and commercial properties. Our pet waste disposal station is a fully contained, practically designed way to dispose of pet waste safely. The dog poop bag disposal container comes with an activated carbon air filter, ensuring bad odors are not a problem. In addition, the dog waste station is designed with ventilation, eliminating the need for an interior liner bag while also helping to control odors.

Our dog poop disposal container is made out of durable plastic that is weather-resistant and resistant to damage from UV light. The pet waste stations come with the filter and pet waste bags that are stored in the lid of the dog poop bag station.

The pet waste station sits on the ground and can be located in any outdoor area. With the pet waste station bags in the lid, it is convenient and easy to use at any time. We also offer a mounting system to allow the dog poop bag station to be secured to a fence or outdoor wall or post.

All of our pet waste stations and pet waste bags can be used in homes and commercial businesses. With two sizes of bags for smaller and larger pets and 150 bags per roll, our systems are convenient to use. We also offer a subscription service, so you never have to worry about running out of bags to keep your yard clean and free from dog poop all year.