PawPail - PawPail Mounting System
PawPail - PawPail Mounting System
PawPail - PawPail Mounting System

Dog Poop Compost Bin

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Secure your PawPail container to a wall, post, or railing with our Mounting System. The bracket may be affixed with screws or with bands.

This item includes:

  • 1 PawPail Mounting System

Mounting hardware and bands not included.


    A: A dog poop compost bin is a container specifically designed to compost dog waste, turning it into valuable nutrient-rich soil for your garden or lawn.

    A: Using a dog poop compost bin is an environmentally friendly and safe way to dispose of your pet's waste, while also creating a valuable fertilizer for your yard.

    A: The composting process is a natural process that transforms organic material into nutrient-rich soil. The dog poop compost bin provides the necessary environment for the composting process to take place.

    A: The compost bin package includes the bin, a compost starter kit, and instructions for use.

    A: You can compost only dog waste in the compost bin. No other waste should be added to the bin.

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