Pet Owners Social Distance Using PawPail

With stay at home orders already in place for many urban and suburban communities, pet owners need a way to manage their pets' waste in a convenient, sanitary and environmentally responsible way. Many fear walking their dogs in public, presenting a pet waste management challenge. This is especially true in high-rise residences where pet owners are making multiple daily trips up/down stairs and elevators and touching countless door handles simply to let their pet(s) do their business.
PawPail is a durable, attractive version of a commercial-quality pet waste station (that you'd see at city dog parks, etc.) for residential use. PawPail is a green product with a patented design and recently won the prestigious GOOD DESIGN® award.
PawPail is the perfect solution for a balcony or a limited brownstone/coach home/townhouse backyard and suburban homeowners with small yards love this product. Apartments, condo HOAs and co-ops can place PawPails near their building entrances to encourage clean up.
PawPail includes everything pet owners need including 200 pet waste bags (enough for 60-90 days for a single pet), an odor-controlled container to store the pet waste and even an activated carbon air filter. It can also be mounted on a wall or post with an optional mounting kit. 
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